T&T Girls and Boys

The major goal of this class is to learn the back handspring or sometimes referred to as the flip-flop.   The trampoline is used as a training aid for which the foundation of all tumbling skills are learned. Please be informed that this skill cannot be learned in one session. It takes years of a developmental process to learn. The rate at which a person can learn a back handspring is dependent on a person’s strength and flexibility. That is why conditioning and flexibility are incorporated into the program. These are essential to help speed up the learning process. Strength and flexibility are also important to help athletes cut down on the number of injuries. This skill is not a play skill. Whenever there is the potential of a person landing on their head, we cannot reiterate that proper progressions are imperative. Safety is of the utmost importance.   Below is a description of each tramp and tumbling class and their major emphasis.


2017-18 Class Schedule


Tramp & Tumbling 1

Pre-requisite: Advance Beginner gymnastics class

This class is designed to give the athlete the necessary foundation for learning the back handspring. Each child will work on their strength in the legs and arms as well as develop the flexibility in the shoulders. The main skill the student will be focusing on in this class is the back kick over and handstand to bridge. The ability to perform a back kick over is essential toward learning the back handspring. The ability to perform a handstand to bridge is essential toward learning the front handspring.

5:15 - 6:30


Tramp & Tumbling 2

Pre-requisite: Kickover on the floor and TT1 skills

*In addition to focusing on the back handspring, this class will spend time learning the front handspring as well as refining the skills learned in Tramp and Tumbling 1.

5:15 - 6:456:30- 8:00


Tramp & Tumbling 3

Pre-requisite: Back handspring on the floor and TT2 skills

*In this class, the student will work on more difficult combinations using the front handspring and the back handspring. The student will begin learning the back tuck and the front tuck in this class.

5:15 - 6:456:30- 8:00