Gym Policies

The Gym Policies are as follows:

  • Every effort is made to honor friendship/teacher requests.  We cannot guarantee them.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any class due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Place coats and shoes on the hooks provided in the lobby. Parent/Tot participants may leave their purses against the wall inside the gym.
  • No gum, food, or drinks will be allowed in the gym.
  • ALL cell phone use is restricted to the viewing area only; this includes texting, surfing the internet, and picture taking.
  • For your safety and other, only participants are allowed in the gym beginning with our preschool age children. The uneven surfaces and amount activity going on can be a hazard to you and our participants. Parents are welcome to view from the viewing area.
  • Baby gym and Parent/Tot classes: Siblings are not allowed to attend or assist with the class. They must sit against the wall. If that is not possible, please scheduled a make up.
  • The use of camera or video photography is prohibited. This will be allowed during during our spring session when a photo week will be announced.
  • Recreational students (beginner and up) are tested each session. When they are ready to move up, you will receive a letter in the mail.