Girls Gymnastics


Girls Recreational Classes

Children of all ages enjoy the flipping activities of gymnastics.  We have designed our program to help each student expand on that enjoyment in a safe and fun environment.

Recreationally we focus on the development of physical abilities such as balance, agility, spatial awareness, strength, and flexibility while helping benefit the mind through perseverance, confidence, and social interaction.  We promote while learning the fundamentals of gymnastics and gym protocol, your child’s desire for learning and attempting new challenges.  Gymnastics is fundamentally the beginning of all sport activity and is a foundation to many other sport activities. The USA Gymnastics Motto states “Begin Here and Go Anywhere”.   These primary activities assist children in areas that will benefit them in life experiences as well as many other sport activities they may choose in the future.

Students are provided professional instruction on up to date gymnastics moves and ways to achieve them.   Our experienced staff, helps provide each student with key information as each of our instructors, were also gymnasts.   Students learn from an experienced staff that not only know the information, but in many ways has performed the moves themselves.

Our students are further rewarded with our specially designed “Ribbons Reward System”.   Of course, our recreational students are not in competition but everyone likes to win a ribbon or two.   Our recreational students are given the same pride of accomplishment as those on TV when they hit the mark and achieve selected skills within the program.   The “Ribbons Reward System” offers a wide range of ability as well as opportunity for achievement. This is a great way to feel successful without the need for competitive team participation.   Students can learn at their own pace without the added pressure of a competition.


Beginner Girls

This class has no prerequisite and is offered to anyone seeking an introduction to gymnastics.  In this class we introduce gymnastics terminology, elements of strength and flexibility, static hold positions, and basic/fundamental movements and skills on each apparatus.


2017  Summer Schedule





Advance Beginner Girls

This level continues the gymnastics activities learned from the Beginner Girls and introduces new challenges and increased ability. Learning more advanced individual skills and skill combinations.

8:45-10:0011:00-12:154:30 - 5:455:45 - 7:008:45-10:00
4:30 - 5:455:45 - 7:0011:15-12:30



Intermediate Girls

This class designed to master the skills previously learned as well as continue to work on new skills. Continue to build on and master the basic/fundamental movements and skills,  introduce a higher level of skill progressions on each apparatus.  Learning more advanced skills as well as short sequence development useful for competition activity.

5:45 - 7:005:45 - 7:004:30 - 5:4510:00 - 11:15