Mission and Objectives

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Buffalo Grove Gymnastics Center and its dedicated staff is committed to provide children of all ages and abilities a fun and safe gymnastics learning experience. We believe that a strong recreational gymnastics program is the foundation to all sport movement and will allow children to excel in any sport they wish to pursue. We are committed to provide a wide variety of children the opportunity to participate in the sport of gymnastics both recreationally as well as competitively.




  • To foster a positive sense of self by guiding children to have fun and feel good about their gymnastics participation.
  • To motivate and emphasize to each child that their efforts are the building blocks to achieve their goals.
  • To use gymnastics as positive learning tool to enhance coordination and build a child’s self esteem.
  • To use gymnastics as a teaching medium to provide a fundamental movement based education program.
  • To utilize the benefits of gymnastics and its correlation to help children be successful in other sports.